Paladin bonuses:

good warriors serving one of the gods of the world. Gain 20 in the element of your chosen god. No starting wage. Plus 20 to any stat. Gain 3 extra languages, can have celestial or fiend.

Inventory: any 2 weapons you wish. Armor with holy symbol of your God ( stats change based on god )

Alignment: Mainly lawful good. Never chaotic evil.

Paladin skills:

Paladin’s Vow (Base Skill): differentiates based upon players chosen god.

God of Earth: Earthen shield. At any given time if user prepared an action and an allie is being attacked you may summon an earthen shield to protect them as well as bind the opponent until the start of user’s next turn. This skill can only be used once a round. You may use an extra shield every 100 in your earth rank Target must be within user’s earth rank feet from user.

Goddess of Fire: Burning blade. Once per day, you are allowed to set your weapon ablaze with an all engulfing fire. While in use you automatically burn your enemies. When you attack with this weapon you’re also able to do 10% your fire rank d6 as soul damage each time you attack. Each turn this skill takes 10 energy to attack regardless of PTE ratio

God of Wind: Skyward strike. Once per battle, before an enemy’s turn and if you have prepared an action, you may strike the target with your weapon infused with wind and hold them 15+X feet in the air, where X is 10% of your air rank, until the start of your next turn. This action take 10 energy to perform regardless of PTE ratio

Goddess of Water: Immunity to freeze attacks and breath under water. Can use 20 energy to suck the water out of, freeze solid, or drown an enemies within water rank feet radius of paladin. Spend X amount of energy to give team member X amount of energy.

God of Light: Reversal. once per round, When an enemy attacks you are able to roll against them using your light rank + 10 energy. If succeed then whatever damage they would have done(including base) is nullified and goes into your “reversal pool”. Your weapon glows brightly the higher your reversal pool. Once per day, as long as the weapon that you have been using for reversal has not been sheathed, you are allowed to auto hit an opponent with an attack equal to your reversal pool soul damage. Attacks range is weapons range. Attack must use 10 energy regardless or PTE ratio. Opponents soul damage reduction still applies.

God of Darkness: Hellish presence. All enemies that can see you must succeed on a courage roll vs your darkness roll when you succeed the enemy is paralysed in fear until they succeed a courage check(roll above users original roll.). All allies gain advantage against frightened enemies. User must spend 10 energy regardless of PTE ratio to perform this skill.

Elemental Repulse: Do a self centered aoe element of your god attack that does damage based upon element and knocks enemies back and prone.if an enemy is actively against user they are allowed to roll an agility check at disadvantage. This attack’s range is 10% the element in use units. Attack does physical damage for earth and wind, burn damage with fire , frost damage for water, and soul damage for light and dark. Attacks damage is 10% element d6 plus element base damage and takes 50 energy to perform. Allys can be caught up in this attack, however they gain an agility check at advantage if user states for allies to get out of the way using an action before the actual attack.

Defender’s Promise(secondary aura): Grant plus 10 Damage absorption to all adjacent allies(+ 2 for every aura counter you have). Also gives user advantage to defend allie rolls. If an adjacent allie were to be attacked and you have left over actions you are allowed to roll a defend allie roll to move the ally one unit and have the attack hit you instead, taking the damage(your damage absorption applies).

This is Where We Hold Them: When being knocked back or knocked prone you have advantage to resist it using a strength check

Paladin’s Steed(pre req summoning): A paladin is allowed to summon a steed that has the corresponding gods elemental typing. This steed is allowed to know its rider’s native tongue and can retain telepathic communication to its rider up to a mile away. These steeds are more powerful than their real world counterparts based upon the level of their rider.

Elemental weapon: craft a weapon made out of the element of your god. This weapon starts with 2 forms and you gain a new form every 50 ranks in your element of your god.

Loyalty: Gain advantage towards any roll that uses your gods element as part or as the modifier. This skill grants you an aura counter.

Unbreakable(pre req lv 10): when you become incapacitated by soul damage you are able to keep fighting until you take damage equal to half the rank of the element of your god.

Legion: when battling with at least one other paladin who follows your god you will gain an extra effect towards your paladin vow ability.
Earth: gain an extra shield.
Fire: you no longer need to pay energy every turn to use your flaming edge.
Water: when giving others energy they will receive 1.5 the energy you spend.
Air: you are able to use skyward strike 3 times a battle.
Light: gain advantage towards reversal blocks.
Dark: count as the attacker in the check.

Honor: gain advantage towards diplomacy checks made with the ideals of your god in mind. For this ability to work you must state you swear to your god or in the name of your god. This must be roleplayed.

Judgement (mastery skill pre req 4 other paladin class skills including elemental weapon): Sacrificing all your remaining energy, the user is able to summon an elemental version of their gods weapon. if you are battling against the said God’s favored enemies, you gain advantage as well as double your result in an intimidate check. Stats and ability changes based upon god. This attack’s ability and usage is up to the dm discretion. If used improperly based upon the god it could have dire consequences to the player.


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