Barbarian Bonuses:

strong warriors that fight for the sake of fighting. Incredibly hard to take down. Plus 20 to both strength and defense. add a start with a 40 in any 2 hand melee skill of choice(sacrificing one of your starting 30s). no starting wage.

Inventory: any heavy weapon.

Alignment: Mainly chaotic neutral. Never lawful.

Barbarian Skills:

Barbaric Rage (Base skill):once per battle if the user is attacked for 10% there total health in one attack they can lower their imagination and logic by half to make all damage (including base) other than magic halved until end of battle or if user becomes incapacitated. Damage reduction is not applied.

Law of the Wild: When the character deals half the enemy’s current health pool in one attack, they are allowed a free intimidate check against said opponent.

Battle Cry: gains one fourth their courage stat as temporary hp when charging into battle screaming. This alerts all enemies of the party’s location and intent.

Barbaric Frenzy: while in barbaric rage, when you down a creature with an attack, you may choose to move to the closest creature in your sight and make another attack.(if player uses this and an enemy is the same distance to the user as an ally the dm is allowed to force the player to attack an ally)

Cleave: If an attack deals enough damage to kill a creature and there is another creature standing next to it transfer the extra damage not needed to kill the first creature onto the second creature. If you have remaining attacks attack said creature

Monsterous(pre req law of the wild): whenever someone is intimidated by you your attacks will deal 10% the difference in between your strengths d6. If an enemy has the same or higher strength from you gain no bonus. Also gain advantage towards anyone intimidated by you.

Burning Rage(pre req fire. aura): all creatures adjacent to you have a d4 chance to be burned when they attack you as well as all allies within 10% your fire rank will gain this ability as well. Gain an advantage towards the burn for every aura counter you have.

Goliath(pre req barbaric rage and lv 5): When in barbaric rage your base da now is applied before your half damage. As well as you will grow 1 foot in size when you release your barbaric rage.

Giant(pre req goliath and lv 10): armor da is now applied before your half damage. As well as add 5% your strength to any strength bonuses you obtain.

Titan(pre req giant and lv 15): magic and magical weapon damage is now halved like normal attacks. As well as when in barbaric rage add 5 % your defense and soul to their corresponding da.


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