God of light. The kind protector of the mortal plains.


“Call me a God if you want. I suppose my level of power might grant me such a title. But at the end of the day, I’m no different than anyone else. I’m just a guy who’s Brave enough enough to do the right thing.”~ Brave

The god of truth, and peace. The God of light Brave is universally treated with respect. He Rules over the heavens and light. He seems himself as a leader of the people, yet not as a ruler. Brave often travels on earth, working for his pay and rent, acting as a normal human. Although more times than not in a disguise. He has a human alter ego named Nicholas Sans. a kind nomad traveler who helps many people. All around the world he is a mysterious folk hero. He has all skills of swordmaster and paladin. His god mode has his own stats and own special class, The judge. Braves angels determine those who go to the the heavens, or hells. Brave also tries to help those who couldn’t move on find peace with themselves.


Vows of brave:

Brave is the only god that has a contract, a class based on his beliefs, and a paladin vow. Although all these vows to brave follow the same line of dishing out judgement on the wicked and creating peace, each one has its own way of going about it.
Brave’s Paladins- focus mostly on the judgement part. They focus on dealing out divine judgement upon their enemies. They are well known for their power and elemental prowess. They are powerful warriors that stand for justice and wish for peace among all races. Although they do have their prejudices. They are truly warriors who value good among men and honor amongst soldiers.

Vow of poverty- although those who have the vow of poverty are not forced to follow brave, they do gain their powers from him. Those with the vow of poverty wish to help those in need and to do so they cast off worldly needs in order to be able to selflessly help the poor and hungry.

Brave’s contract- those who are under the brave contract normally agree with brave and his ideals yet see the paladin and vow of poverty ways as being too concrete and inflexible. They prefer to fight for brave in their own way not being pushed as one thing or another. They prefer to find the balance between compassion and judgement and fight for their own way of spreading the word of brave.

Braves Powers:

Brave has many powers. Shapeshifting, healing ailments, creating miracles. He is the god who most frequently helps the races of the world. However, partly because he doesn’t wish to take credit, and partly because helping people directly as himself could cause distrust among races as he’s seen time and time again, he never performs a miracle as himself or his alter ego Nicholas Sans. Many “incredibly gifted” beings appear time to time again. Although many of these are actually just gifted followers of brave, many of them is himself in disguise. Brave also has the ability to banish demons and see someone’s sins, normally using this to help them forgive themselves. Braves most well know power is reversal. No one can deny the importance this ability had in defeating the demon king. Although the final blow is unknown, with the gods refusing to say who actually defeated the demon king, it is undeniable that brave was a key factor in the battle against him.

Braves Edge:

Braves edge has 7 total forms that he uses interchangeably. 6 of these forms are his normal weapons, these weapons are 6 golden rings. In total he has 7 rings, however the 7th, which is literally his halo, is only used for the final form of the weapon. Each weapon is named after 7 special virtue that brave finds is most important in life.
Faith- his trusty longsword
Patience- his shield
Hope- his longbow
Justice- his buster sword
Charity- his twin hooks
Truth – his spear
Courage- his cross
These are his great weapons. Few see his courage. In fact it is said the only being to be attacked by it has been the demon king himself. It is said if you see the cross of brave all your sins turns into pain as your sins are cast away.

Standings with other Gods:

Although Brave and Valandrin have an unsteady peace, brave is relatively well liked and revered as a great leader, although the other Gods do see him as too kind. Granmarg and Brave have been well know to collaborate on several occasions. Any follower of Granmarg also reveres brave as well, or at least respect his ideals. Faloin doesn’t feel strongly about brave either way, however either of them, if asked, would say that they are friends. The relationship between Ember and brave is like a father and a disrespectful child, for the mere fact that Brave will often assist Faloin in stopping Ember from burning down a living forest. Ulwin and Brave have a very strong bond. Often depicted as lovers in ancient tapestries and the such. Which, of course, is true. In fact the angel Anne Elizabeth is their child.

Standings with the races:

All races of the world see Brave as a kind, and just God. even those who use darkness still respect him. Many races do not feel too strongly about him in any way. They accept the fact he is a god and those who choose to follow him are normally well liked by society. Any follower of a different god would not bear and prejudice or truly and reverence towards him. He’s just a well liked guy. Although many wars for fought unjustly in hs honor, many time it was he who would lead the revolt against such radicals. Followers of ulwin have mixed feeling about brave, they either love him like a father, or despise him like a father. However either way he is a great leader to his followers.


The King Servus. Long ago, An infestation of an insectoid race known as the servus threatened the planet. The king was larger than the tree of life, and seemed bent on destroying it. As the other gods were preoccupied with the swarms of servus attacking their kingdoms, Brave Risked his life and what small amount of land he had owned to defeat the mighty beast. Brave defeated him and sealed the body of the beast by creating a small mountain range around it with the help of Granmarg and filled the mountain with a holy light, so the beast could never revive itself.


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